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Lynn Robles teaches weekly line dance lessons at the Huntington Moose Lodge, the Sayville VFW, and the Smithtown Senior Citizens Center. 

She is a guest instructor at various Long Island Country Music Association dances, monthly Ballroom Factory dances, Co-host of the "We Just Love To Dance" Dance Parties, as well as various other events on Long Island.


National Teachers Association (NTA) for Country Westen Line Dancing

American Callers Association

Long Island Country Music Association (LICMA)


Music Licenses




Is anyone out there as crazy in love with
line dancing as me?


Do you feel that rush of adrenaline when you hear the music start? The excitement building when you hear that “five-six-seven-eight”? Does it make you just wanna jump up and dance? Me too!!

I’m Lynn and I’ve been country line dancing here on Long Island for many years now. I dance at a variety of venues from beaches to bars, craft fairs to bazaars. I’m a little obsessed with line dancing and practice all the time! I probably shouldn’t admit this but I’ve been known to practice dances in the shower and even in the dressing room at Macys. I also eat breakfast in my car driving to work---what can I say, I’m a multi-tasker!

I’ve traveled with line dancers on tropical cruises and attended workshops, classes and lessons right here on Long Island, upstate New York, and at the incomparable Mishnock Barn in Rhode Island to learn as much as I can about line dancing. I just LOVE it!!

I didn’t set out to be an “instructor".


I just wanted to dance! However, this obsessive and analytical mind of mine has this crazy habit of breaking all dances down into nice clean little counts of eight … so when I was asked to show someone a dance, I was actually giving them a true line dance lesson.

For years, my dance friends have encouraged me to become an instructor. But the truth is I was afraid to be criticized or judged - I was afraid of “messing up” in the public eye. At the same time, I kept hearing myself tell all the other dancers “don’t worry about messing up, you’re dancing!! just have FUN!” I decided to take my own advice and thus my teaching philosophy was born.


My teaching philosophy is simple: Have fun and enjoy!

A dear instructor friend once told me “In the morning, no one is going to remember all the steps they learned tonight, but they WILL remember that they had fun - so just have fun!”

So now I teach. I dance. And I have fun!! And I love to share what I know with my students, with the hope that the next time one of them hears the words “five-six-seven-eight” they too can jump up and dance!!

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