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Dance Floor Etiquette

Dance floor etiquette was developed as a simple guideline for dancers to follow while on the dance floor. By dancing in a friendly, polite and respectful way, we can all enjoy ourselves while kicking up our heels!

The Dont's . . .


Please don’t carry food or drinks onto the dance floor. Spills can result in slippery or sticky floors which can be dangerous to the dancers.

Please don’t text or use your cell phone on the dance floor. Your inattention can cause other dancers to crash into you, or each other. If you must use your cell phone, kindly step off the dance floor until you have finished.

Please don’t stand on the floor to talk while a dance is in progress. Please move OFF the dance floor, or to an unused corner of the floor.

Please don’t walk through a line of dancers to cross the floor while a dance is in progress. Kindly walk around the outside of the dancers, or wait until the dance has finished.



The Do's . . .

Please be mindful, courteous and encouraging to beginners.

Remember, we were ALL beginners at one time.

Please be mindful of those dancing next to you. Leave space between yourself and your neighbors. If the floor is crowded, simply take smaller steps.

Please leave room around the outside of the dance floor as a circle lane and keep it clear for the couple or partner dancers.

Please follow the "line of dance". When dancing around the floor as a circle, couple or partner dance, the line of dance (LOD) is always counter-clockwise.

Please be courteous. Should you bump into someone, it is courteous to apologize whether it is your fault or not.

Spectators should stand beyond the outer circle.



And most of all . . .

Please remember to SMILE! We all just want to have fun and dance, so smile---and enjoy it!

IT’S SIMPLE... be kind, be courteous and share the floor. But most of all... have fun and DANCE!!!



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