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Message to Students

This page is for students currently enrolled in the upcoming "Beginner PLUS" Line Dancing program for FALL 2018.

THANK YOU to all the Sayville Adult Ed dancers for another great session. Be sure to check back soon for information about the NEXT session which will begin in Spring 2019.

Also, it is highly recommended to join/follow my GROUP page on Facebook called 'Line Dancing With Lynn' as I use that page to post timely updates & changes to my schedule. You can click the FB link at the top of this page to get there directly if you like. Can't wait to see you on the dance floor!!  - Lynn

Weekly Lessons



1. K is For Kicks (Little Bit Gypsy)

2. Blue Night Cha

3. Love JoAnn

4. Bad Girl That Girl


5. Wagon Wheel Reprise

6. It Ain't My Fault


7. She Kept The Hotel Key

8. Damn! (line and contra)

9. Thunderfoot (aka Footloose)


10. Mishnock Slide

11. Day Of The Dead

12. Fallsview Rock


13. Drink In My Hand

14. Wishful Thinking

15. Until The Dawn


16. Dizzy

17. Blue Note

Get Step Sheets Here


Friday Night
Sayville Adult Ed
Country Line Dancing 2 - "Beginner PLUS" Level


7:30pm - 9:00pm

At the Old Junior High Gym (Greeley Ave) Sayville, NY



"Country Line Dancing 2 - Beginner PLUS" - Already took a beginner course? Like the pace, but want to learn even MORE fun dances? Then this is the level for YOU! We will review some of last years favorites, plus add on lots of new ones! Beginner to Beginner PLUS level. Some knowledge of beginner steps is helpful, but not necessary. This class will advance at a slightly faster pace then the "basic" beginner program. No partners needed.


What is line dancing?

A line dance is a choreographed dance with a repeated sequence of steps in which a group of people dance in lines (or rows) all doing the same steps at the same time. “Country Western” line dancing is simply line dancing done to country music.

Often, a sequence of steps will be given a name, for example a “vine” (or “grapevine”). This is done so the instructor doesn’t have to keep describing the sequence step by step. For example: instead of the instructor saying “step your right foot to your right side, cross your left foot behind your right foot, step your right foot to your right side, then touch your left foot next to your right”... the instructor can simply say “VINE to the right”.


What to Bring

We strongly recommend leather soled shoes for this program. Cowboy boots are not required but they sure do look purdy!! You may also want to bring a water bottle for during the water breaks. And a smile! Yes, most definitely bring a smile!!

And remember: In line dancing there are no mistakes---there are simply “variations” to the dance!


Class Schedule - for FALL 2018
Friday Nights 6:00pm - 7:15pm

Week   1 - Sep 28
Week   2 - Oct 5

*No class on Oct 12th (Personal Day)

Week   3 - Oct 19

Week   4 - Oct 26

Week   5 - Nov 2 (school district cancelled)
Week   6 - Nov 9

Make Up Class ADDED - Nov 16


Messages / Updates / Dances will be posted on this Adult Ed Student Info page of the website.

PLEASE sign the attendance sheet each week when you get to class.

Cancellation Notices
In the event of inclement weather - please check the school district website or the Adult Ed Office at (631)244-6647 for any message of cancellation. We will also post on my Facebook GROUP page for Line Dancing With Lynn.


Make-Up Classes

You may "make-up" any missed class by staying for BOTH beginner classes on ANY Friday that class is in session.



For registration information, contact the Sayville Adult Education Office at 631-244-6647. Registration is now open for the upcoming SPRING 2018 program. Click here to download FALL 2018 Registration Form





In your map program, enter 124 Greeley Avenue, Sayville, NY 11782. Upon arrival, look for the old gym building across the street from 124 Greeley. Enter through the gates, and look for the entrance around back (see photos below.)



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