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* * * SNOW ALERT * * *

Due to the severe weather forecast, Monday's "One Night Only" beginner session has been rescheduled for Thursday, January 29th.

Stay warm and dry!!!

What Students

Are Saying!

"You managed to pack so many dances into one lesson! With your clear and calm instruction, the opportunity to learn is limitless!"

---Susan C.

"You are such a thoughtful and well-prepared teacher. However, it is your joy that impacts me the most. You celebrate every success and seem truly excited when you look back over the group and everyone is 'getting' it!"

---Chrissy L.

"Your class was amazing! You broke it all down and made it all easy."

---Carol H.

"I brought [my friends], but you are the reason that they keep coming. They love your lessons!"

---Pat P.

"You truly have a gift of teaching dance (your passion) and it has shown itself to you."

---Frank S.

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